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Fuel50 is the only AI Talent ecosystem powered by skills, science and architecture

Fuel50 Talent Marketplace
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Align organizational need and employee development with one talent ecosystem

Fuel50’s talent ecosystem matches your employees to internal career opportunities, vacancies, learning, mentors, gigs and projects based on their skills, talents, and values.

Empower your employees to showcase skills beyond those of their current role, all whilst giving HR powerful workforce insights and data to drive strategic business decisions.

Do you understand what skills you have and where they live? Not knowing can set your business up for risk. Explore the 2024 Top Skills in Tech Guide to see if your team has the skills to remain competitive.

“What we liked about the Fuel50 approach was that they made the whole internal talent marketplace concept more than just bringing this demand and supply of talent… they actually created really beautiful pathways for people to build their skills.”

Deep Mahajan

Vice President of Talent Management

Juniper Networks

Measurable impact for leading brands

3 to 30% increase in organization-wide engagement within first 12 months

+55% increase in workforce mobility over two years

60% increase in talent retention where Fuel50 was used