Imagine never needing to review your workforce architecture again

Fuel50’s Skills Architecture solution will help transform your career framework and reinvent your workforce.

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Go beyond traditional career frameworks

Understand what skills and capabilities are critical to future-proofing your workforce and take a new approach to talent management. Define and manage levels, review and validate jobs, and embed your skills and capability frameworks easily.

Fuel50’s Skills Architecture solution solves the hard-to-do

Low-touch and scalable workforce architectures for organizations of all sizes, structures, and industries. Automate, update, and integrate your career framework.

Talent Blueprint™

Automate the design of your workforce architecture – roles, bands, functions, levels, and profiles. AI matches your architecture to the AI Data Cloud.


Add Fuel50’s DNA Imprint™ layer to customize and infuse your organization’s DNA into your automated architecture.

Fuel50’s Skills Ontology

Our ontology bring roles to life with interconnected skills, talents, tools and technologies that are always up-to-date.

AI Data Cloud

Leverage market data to fuel your role profiles. Roles are kept up-to-date automatically by Fuel50’s AI engine.

DEI & Bias Checking

Built with ethical AI, our AI Architecture has deeply embedded DEI layers and is reviewed regularly for bias.

Role Review

Easily review, edit, and validate your roles and profiles. Use with your own skills taxonomy or as a standalone.

Human-Machine Teaming brings together the best AI and the best people

Fuel50’s Skills Architecture is powered by the best in Ethical Artificial Intelligence. Our Hybrid Intelligence layer (I/O Psychologists & Experts) injects context and sense-checking into the final role design output and also supports the integrity of Fuel50’s Skills Ontology content.

This Hybrid Intelligence layer mitigates bias that may arise from AI and ensures no poisoned data gets included in your workforce architecture. 

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“Implementing Fuel50 forced us in a really great way to build from the ground up this brand-new career architecture, new career stages, and new ways of thinking about skills. It has enabled us to implement a unified approach to objective setting and align goals to our organizational purpose.”

Nick Holmes Project Rebalance

Nick Holmes

VP of Employee Experience

Fishawack Health

Skills Architecture - African American woman and Asian man working in office together, reviewing their Skills Architecture

Fuel50’s Learning Curve AI™

Fuel50’s proprietary Learning Curve AI™ applies proficiency levels to capabilities and specialist skills to ensure a smooth learning curve from Entry-level to Executive roles. It goes beyond a simple linear approach to reflect the increased complexity of role progression and skill demonstration and adapts to your organization and roles.