Workforce Agility

Adapt your workforce to rapidly changing business conditions and skill requirements

A skills-centric approach is the critical thread to success

Workforce Agility

Traditional models are no longer enough

Stable, long-term employment with narrowly defined roles limits the ability of companies to quickly redeploy talent. As markets and technologies evolve, organizations that lack workforce agility end up suffering:

Reduced operating performance

Stagnant company culture

Loss of competitive advantage

Widening skill gaps

Loss of top talent

Stifled innovation

With a skills-centric approach, you can build organizational cultures, processes and systems that allow for a more fluid movement of people

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Take a holistic approach to leadership, culture and talent practices

Fuel50’s Talent Marketplace powers increased internal mobility and equity within organizations through transparent job and growth opportunities.

Gigs makes it easier for employees to move across projects and departments

Journeys provides transparency into possible internal career moves

Team Coach provides managers visibility into the skills and interests of their team

Workforce Agility

Build an agile and resilient workforce with Fuel50’s Talent Marketplace

Increased engagement and performance

Reduced costs related to hiring

Internal talent redeployed more rapidly

Better informed workforce decisions

Greater value unlocked from existing people

Accelerated onboarding and time to productivity

Workforce Agility

Increased retention
and engagement

Greater innovation
and competitiveness

Higher productivity
and innovation

Workforce Agility

Boosted culture and employee morale

Lower costs and
reduced spend

Reductions in legal
and PR risk

“At Avalere Health, we embrace the new reality of talent mobility. Our employees have the opportunity to raise their hand on Fuel50 for opportunities within the organization. The goal of talent mobility is to better align the skills, motivations, and backgrounds of our team members with the needs of our company and the interests of our employees.”

Anne Reese-Ternay

Senior Talent
Acquisition Manager

Avalere Health

Create a workforce that’s ready for change

Build a skills-centric approach with Fuel50’s Skills Architecture that will connect and break down silos across services and functions – creating a workforce that’s ready for change.

Along with Fuel50’s Insights that provides the crucial data and insights needed to help shape your future workforce decisions.

Drive better productivity, engagement and performance

Workforce Agility