Fuel50 is an international people-first tech company with over 100+ Fuellies committed to the same vision and mission.

Welcome to Fuel50, where our growing team of Fuellies are busy taking the world by storm through powerful technology development, incomparable customer service, insanely smart research, and so much more. Who are we? We’re a lean, incredibly talented, global company full of super-skilled people, spanning across 6+ countries.

Yes, we’re a young company at heart but we’ve also been able to attract top talent across the entire business and the board which has contributed greatly to Fuel50 being the fastest-growing HR technology vendor in the world.

We believe in truly practicing what we preach. Fuel50 is a company not afraid to roll their sleeves up and work hard, with the same vision being consistent since day one — to make sure every employee, no matter where they are in the world, loves their job. This is a core value of ours, one we believe is a basic human right.

Fuel50 is an AI-driven talent marketplace platform that fuels internal talent mobility, workforce agility, employee engagement, talent retention and bottom-line impact within leading organizations all over the world. Our platform helps our clients create career pathways and journeys within their organization that match to the wants and needs of their people.

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Executive Leadership Team

Anne Fulton

Anne Fulton

Chief Executive Officer


Daniel Houzet

Chief Financial Officer

Executive Leadership Team

Jo Mills



Amber Horsman

Chief Client Delivery Officer

Executive Leadership Team

Mark Cope

Chief Revenue Officer

Executive Leadership Team

Sean Sampayo

Chief Product Officer

Executive Leadership Team


Andrew ‘Flip’ Filipowski

Board Chair

Board, Silkroad Tech, Platinum Technologies

Jim Andelman

Board Director

Board, Bonfire Ventures

Brian Platz

Board Director

Board, Silkroad Tech, HR Tech Pioneer

Kerry McIntosh

Kerry McIntosh

Board Director


Philip Dur

Phil Dur

Board Director

PeakSpan Capital

Peakspan Capital

Board Directors

Board, Series B Investors