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Press Release: Critical Skills Identified in New Fuel50 Study to Help Tech Employees Avoid Becoming Obsolete

Press release originally published on PR Newswire.

Fuel50’s report, Top Skills in Technology, provides a skills roadmap to keep employees in that industry relevant and valuable to their organizations in the future.

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif.June 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Fuel50 Inc, thought leaders in the skills and HR technology sector, released today their highly-anticipated Top Skills in Technology report identifying the key skills that tech workers need to continue delivering value and innovation to their organizations.

The research reveals the top trending skills and capabilities in the technology sector for 2024. The insights are a guide for company talent development leaders, showing them where and why they  should invest in skilling, upskilling, and reskilling for tech workers.

“Skills investment is critical for organizations to successfully navigate a tight labor market, hybrid work, employee retention, engagement, and wellness, and even issues such as workplace safety, inflation, and general volatility,” said Anne Fulton, co-founder and CEO of Fuel50. “To create organizational resilience and competitiveness, companies need a tighter focus on skilling their tech workers especially amid the emergence of AI.”

The technology industry is known to be at the forefront of innovation, yet even leading organizations are facing critical skills gaps.

“While skills gaps will always exist, the pressing question is:  what is your organizational strategy to close those gaps when the target is constantly moving?” said Tom Andriola, vice chancellor for information technology and data and chief digital officer at University of California, Irvine.

Top Skills in Technology

Marianne Vinton, SVP of HR transformation at Citizens Bank, says their organization uses Fuel50’s talent marketplace platform to identify where to invest in their talent strategy.

“Talent shortages require us to accelerate and become more precise in the skill development of our colleagues; investing not only through learning but also targeted mentorships, hands-on experience or peer coaching, while considering internal talent with adjacent skills for opportunities,” she said. “The deployment of agile ways of working was our first foray into embracing the concept of matching skills and capabilities to the work that matters. Our talent marketplace enables us to implement skill-driven concepts and expand agile ways of working throughout the organization.”

An added benefit of Fuel50’s approach, Vinton said, is that is has fostered a culture of inclusion, continuous learning and innovation, enhancing organizational agility and workforce readiness, ultimately leading to greater customer value.

With a recent co-published report with Fuel50, Pamela Stroko of 3Sixty Insights says “Companies must invest in skills visibility and prioritize establishing robust skills visibility mechanisms within their organizations… a skills-first approach is not merely a strategy for organizational survival; it is the foundation for sustained success and competitiveness.”

“As always, our goal with this research, and our talent marketplace platform is to help HR and business leaders to understand the current state of the market and how it is evolving,” says Fulton. “We enable better decision-making—that leads to more humanistic, intelligence-driven approaches to people enablement.”

The Top Skills in Technology report is now available to download here. Fuel50 will share insights and skills strategies with a panel of speakers from UC Irvine’s digital transformation team in a public webinar on June 12 (register here).


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