People agility meets workforce agility with Fuel50

Empower employees, leaders, and HR. Fuel50’s Talent Marketplace drives internal talent mobility and workforce agility, powering your skills-based workforce of the future.

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Fuel50 has transformed the talent experience and replaced legacy talent systems, for good

With Fuel50, every experience is unique to each individual (like their own career fingerprint). As they build their unique career DNA within Fuel50, your talent marketplace experience continually evolves.

Fuel50 is the only proven scalable talent marketplace

We have delivered measurable talent retention and workforce mobility impact to 80+ industry-leading brands.

One-Stop Marketplace

Fuel50’s AI marketplace matches you to opportunities instantly. Connect your LinkedIn, upload your resume, interact with the personalization tools – Fuel50 evolves with you.

AI Smart-Matching

Fuel50’s specialized AI powers your talent marketplace’s DNA-fueled smart-matching, and is ethically-enhanced with layers of zero-bias, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Hyper Personalization

AI and personalization tools align your people to your organization’s DNA, and create a continuously evolving career experience that is connected to their career DNA and unique to each person.

Fuel50’s Skills Architecture

Low-touch and scalable workforce architectures for organizations of all sizes, structures, and industries that automates, updates, and integrates your career framework.

Fuel50’s Skills Ontology

Bring roles to life with Fuel50’s Skills Ontology and power your DEIB initiatives with interconnected skills, talents, tools and technologies that are always up-to-date.

Fuel50’s Insights

Go beyond simple analytics, Fuel50’s Insights analyzes your organization and provides a powerful lens to talents, skills, and people.

An employee-driven talent marketplace that’s fair, equitable, transparent and powers talent intelligence

Fuel50’s Talent Marketplace uses ethically-enhanced AI to smart-match your people to opportunities instantly, the talent suite includes:

“What we liked about the Fuel50 approach was that they made the whole internal talent marketplace concept more than just bringing this demand and supply of talent… they actually created really beautiful pathways for people to build their skills.”

Josh Bersin

Global Industry Analyst

Bersin Academy

Know what talent you have and where they are. Fuel50 powers workforce transparency for HR, leaders, and employees.

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HR harness workforce insights and powerful talent data to support people initiatives and key organizational strategy.

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Leaders can see their talent, support career growth, build their teams, and have great career conversations with their people.

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Employees get a clear sight-line to opportunities across the business and take real-time action within the marketplace.