Fuel50 and UC Irvine Recognized for Best Transformation Through Technology - Global Business Tech Awards

Fuel50 Recognized for Best Transformation Through Technology at the Global Business Tech Awards

This article was originally published on the Global Business Tech Awards website. 

The team at Fuel50 are thrilled to be nominated as a finalist at the 2024 Global Business Tech Awards. Being recognized in the ‘Transformation Through Technology’ category is incredibly rewarding and a true testament to how Fuel50 is positively transforming career experiences across the globe.

The Fuel50 mission

Fuel50 is the skills-powered Talent Marketplace platform that smart-matches employees to personalized opportunities – career journeys, coaches and mentors, learning, internal jobs, gigs, and projects. Our platform harnesses next-gen workforce data to fuel internal talent mobility, workforce agility, employee retention, and engagement.

The Fuel50 mission is to make sure every employee, no matter where they are in the world, loves their job. This is a core value of ours, one we believe is a basic human right. The most successful organizations are those that value their people and are committed to investing in their growth and development.

Fuel50 helps organizations transform outdated strategies and initiatives to better support the needs of their people. We work with them to create happier teams – where employees are engaged and motivated to perform at their best, positively impacting the organization’s bottom line.

How Fuel50 is supporting UC Irvine’s skills transformation

We are honored to be recognized for our contribution to UC Irvine’s skills-based transformation. Before the implementation of Fuel50, employees at UCI were looking to take the next step in their career, however, internal development opportunities were few and far between.

Employees had the desire to grow, but the ability to match them to relevant opportunities within the organization was a real challenge that needed to be solved. Fuel50 helped UC Irvine transform their traditional career framework into a skills-based architecture by intelligently mapping skills to roles.

This enabled UC Irvine to gain deeper insight into employee skills and capabilities to identify current and future skills gaps, match employees to relevant opportunities, and create personalized reskilling and upskilling plans.

This transformation has helped UC Irvine identify, understand, and action skills like never before, making it the foundation of their reformed skills-based talent strategy. Employees can now easily explore internal opportunities, understand what skills they need, and take actionable steps in their development.

Leaders have deeper insight into the values, motivations, and goals of their employees, enabling them to support meaningful career growth. With a 50% reduction in attrition, UC Irvine is on the road to driving better retention and engagement – a significant triumph in their ongoing journey with Fuel50.

Helping organizations one at a time

Fuel50 is committed to helping more organizations create positive change – so that every employee has an opportunity to learn, grow, and develop their career. This nomination reflects the incredible work our team does to support organizations in building skilled and future-ready workforces.

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Fuel50 Global Business Tech Awards

The Global Business Tech Awards showcase the best tech from around the world. With the world entering a virtual-dominated era, tech developments are even more important to developing the future than they have been in shaping the past. The Global Business Tech Awards will look for tech that has added tangible benefits to customer experience, management systems, marketing and sales information storage and data tracking.

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