Fuel50’s AI Talent Marketplace Powers Your Future Skills-Based Workforce

Recognized as the world’s trusted pioneers, Fuel50 is the only skills-based AI Talent Marketplace that has delivered talent retention and workforce mobility impact to 80+ industry-leading brands. The future of workforce optimization is here.

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Level 1
Solves: Talent Transparency, Workforce Insights,  Leader Enablement

Level 2
Solves: People Agility, AI Talent Marketplace, Agile Redeployment

Level 3
Solves: Workforce Mobility, Talent Intelligence, Organizational Strategy

Join 80+ leading global brands using Fuel50 to power internal talent mobility and workforce agility.

Fuel50 delivers measurable impact:

+1% increase

Lateral career moves

+1% increase

Internal recruitment

1% reduction

Employee churn

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NetApp used Fuel50 to transform their people experience

“Fuel50 opens the door to so much growth, more than you can imagine. It has literally made our dreams come true. We now have vision to everyone in the company, what they want to do and where they want to go. We have more insight now than we’ve ever had before in the history of HR.”

Larry McAlister

VP Global Talent, NetApp

Fuel50 is leading the change in AI-driven talent marketplace technology

“Disruptive. Innovative. Enaging. Fuel50 is all about the Talent Marketplace, and is perhaps the leader in its conceptualization of the talent marketplace. The HR tech market has evolved, and the folks at Fuel50 pioneered this market.”

Josh Bersin, Featured Keynote Speaker at Career Experience Conference & Awards

Josh Bersin

Global Industry Analyst, Bersin Academy

Fuel50 is talent mobility for the infinite workforce.

Fuel50 has proven impact with low-touch implementation

Fuel50’s AI-powered Talent Marketplace solution goes beyond talent and opportunities. With Fuel50, you get the power of a low-touch, hyper-personalized marketplace that connects your people to opportunities anywhere, anytime.

This, combined with the power of Workforce Mobility and the world’s leading approach to AI Architecture and Deep Data, helps organizations like yours see:

0 to 1%

Increase in organization-wide engagement within first 12 months


Increase in workforce mobility over two years


More likely to retain talent where Fuel50 is used


Employees get a clear sight-line to opportunities across the business and take real-time action within the marketplace.


Leaders can see their talent, support short and long term career growth, build their teams, and have great career conversations with their people.


HR harness workforce insights and powerful talent data to support future people initiatives and key organizational strategy.

Carole Torres

SVP & Chief Learning Officer, KeyBank

KeyBank used Fuel50 to solve their internal talent sourcing and future-proofing strategy

“One of the deciding factors for us was, not just the tool and technology itself, but also the theory, research and subject matter expertise Fuel50 brings to the table. Being that strategic partner from the beginning was what really set Fuel50 apart from all the other shortlisted vendors.”

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One-Stop Marketplace

Fuel50’s AI marketplace matches you to opportunities instantly. Connect your LinkedIn, upload your resume, build your career DNA and let Fuel50 evolve with you.

Beyond Matching

Fuel50’s specialized AI engine has integrated zero-bias DE&I layers, and powers marketplace matching to learning, gigs, mentors, vacancies, projects, jobs and career journeys.

Hyper Personalization

Every experience is unique. Fuel50’s AI and personalization tools create a continuously evolving career experience unique to you. Every opportunity is connected to your career DNA.

AI Architecture

Career frameworks, reinvented. Fuel50’s AI automates, updates and integrates your workforce architecture. Goodbye old clunky frameworks, hello Fuel50.

Integration Synergy

Fuel50 plugs in seamlessly to your core HRIS and integrates with your ATS and LMS, allowing you to bring your talent experience to life quickly and easily.

Talent Ontology™

Beyond simple skills taxonomies, Fuel50’s Talent Ontology™ features skills, talents, tools and technologies for the future workforce. You can also plug in your own skills library.

Trust the thought-leaders

Fuel50 are the subject matter experts and pioneers of career pathing and the talent marketplace

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Matthew Thomas

GM People & Culture, RWWA

RWWA solved its career pathing and performance management challenges with Fuel50

“We haven’t found anything about Fuel50 that we dislike. Great UX platform, easy to navigate, focus on career engagers as opposed to tasks, innovative career pathing, outstanding customer service and support, with relevant tools and support on the platform.”

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