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Learn+ with Degreed will level up your learning ecosystem

Fuel50’s new Learn+ product intelligently tags and maps course data from Degreed to Fuel50 skills and interconnected growth actions within Fuel50’s Talent Marketplace through a newly designed Degreed Connector. Using a bi-directional information exchange, Gig opportunities from Fuel50 are recommended within Degreed.

Learn+ creates a unified end-to-end learning experience by enabling swift discovery, registration, and consumption of relevant Degreed courses without the need to toggle between systems. Learners go from Fuel50 skill assessments to accessing Degreed content in just two clicks.

Elevate the impact of your Talent Marketplace within your broader HR tech stack

Skill Interoperability

Learn+ enables seamless skill data interoperability between Degreed and Fuel50

Hyper-Personalized Learning

Learn+ provides AI-driven personalized course recommendations from Degreed that map to each employee’s unique skills gaps, development goals, and career aspirations.

Gig Recommendations

Learn+ enables Fuel50 Gigs to be discoverable and accessible directly within the Degreed user experience. With embedded apply flows across platforms, Learn+ creates a frictionless experience for Degreed learners to connect their learning goals to experiential Gigs.

“Connecting to solutions like Fuel50, we can create tailored learning experiences that tangibly connect learning and work opportunities for employees.”

Nag Chandrashekar, Chief Product Officer at Degreed

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