Fuel50’s Workforce Insights
Power your organization with intelligent dynamic data

We go beyond simple analytics with skills-based Workforce Insights. Fuel50 analyzes your organization as it engages with our skills-based Talent Marketplace, providing a powerful lens to talents, skills, and people to support your strategic workforce decisions.

Make the right decisions, with a clear lens into your talent demographics.


of leaders are still using gut feeling and personal opinions to make decisions that affect talent management practices.

Human Capital Institute

3 in 4

believe workforce analytics is important, but only 8% think their organization is strong in the area (with no improvement since 2014).

Josh Bersin

Leverage data from all levels of Workforce Insights

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Skills and Talents

See the talents and skills you have across your workforce today, and identify your gap areas for the future.

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Understand your people at a deeper level. What motivates and engages them, and how to support their future.

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Provide leaders with team insights – see retention risks, working styles, career needs, and engagement with opportunities.

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Know your workforce based on its marketplace activity. See your people’s values, engagers, growth metrics, and platform usage.

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Track the ROI of your marketplace and its impact on internal talent mobility, productivity, and bottom-line.

Positively impact your bottom-line with Fuel50’s Workforce Insights

  • Get a vantage point on your organization’s skills, talents, and capabilities. Identify what skills you have now, what you need to develop for the future.
  • Boost retention. Identify retention risks and areas of the workforce needing attention early.
  • Give leaders and managers what they need to recruit and attract the right talent, with the right skills, to ensure the best fit.
  • Get the most out of your Talent Marketplace with detailed usage metrics, user engagement, and aggregate marketplace ROI.
  • Customize your experience to ensure a focused view on the data that is most important to you and your organization.
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Discover Fuel50’s Workforce Insights in action!

Understand your talent and support strategic workforce decisions with validated data.

Focus your strategic moves and surface the data that is most important to you.

Identify future gap areas and know how your workforce lives, breathes, and feels.

Give the right people, the right access, to the right data, at the right time.

Create Dashboards

Create custom dashboards to surface the data you want to focus on. Generate reports and use them to support your strategic workforce planning.

Data Alerts

Keep a strong pulse on your data with on-demand downloads and scheduled alert notifications.

Custom Permissions

Utilize Fuel50’s permission levels to ensure different levels of your people can view the insights relevant to them – their business unit, function, role level, and reporting lines.

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