Establish a common language for skills across your organization

Fuel50’s Skills Ontology powers your DEIB initiatives with interconnected skills, talents, tools, and technologies. It is the unmatched, dynamic capability library.

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What is Fuel50’s Skills Ontology?

A complete capability library with 5,000+ unique capabilities, specialist skills, and tools and technologies. Fueled by the latest digital market data, it is uniquely curated to avoid duplication and quality dilution by our dedicated team of I/O Psychologists and HR Specialists.

It also incorporates diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) reviews to ensure zero bias, includes capability clusters, and tracks hot skills. As it responds to market trends and client needs, the breadth and depth of it continually grows.

Fuel50 takes you to the next level

Gone are the days of outdated job lists that only include job titles and descriptions.

Why Fuel50’s Skills Ontology™ stands out

  • 5,000+ skills generated by AI, curated by I/O Psychology
  • Multi-dimensional with detailed skill definitions and behavioral-based proficiency descriptors
  • Skill ‘type’ differentiation from capabilities to specialist skills to tools and technologies
  • Curated for you – includes relevant skills for your business
  • Linked to roles and jobs in your organization
  • Unique development actions for capabilities and skills
Man on laptop smiling in an office. Laptop running Fuel50's Talent Marketplace and Skills Ontology

Fuel50’s commitment to zero-bias

Creating inclusive talent practices needs to start with a charter built into your organizational DNA and skills architecture. Continuous DEI checking of Fuel50 developed role profiles ensures they are not biased, discriminatory, or supporting unwanted stereotypes.

Fuel50’s Skills Ontology drives more inclusive working cultures through:

Incorporating critical DEIB capabilities in all executive and manager level roles, supporting a shift of mindset from the top down

Amplifying behavioral standards around DEIB and holding leaders accountable for driving positive change

Ensuring DEIB practices are present in recruitment, performance management, and leadership development

Putting a spotlight on unconscious bias throughout the organization

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“One deciding factor for us was not just the tool and technology itself but the theory, research and subject matter expertise that Fuel50 brings to the table.”

Carole Torres

SVP & Chief Learning Officer


Fuel50’s Skills Galaxy powers interconnected skills

These sophisticated skills constellations dynamically emerge based on how skills group together during our design process. Patterns and relationships continue to form and evolve as these interconnections grow and grow, shaping into an ever-evolving skills galaxy.

Representation of Fuel50's Skills Ontology Galaxy. Lots of dots interconnected and clustered in groups, indicative of skills clusters within Fuel50.