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Listen: Anne Fulton Shares Her Career Journey on the PodSaas Podcast

Fuel50 CEO & Founder Anne Fulton joined host Chris Sheng as a guest on the PodSaas Podcast. Together, they discussed the importance of empowering employees, never giving up, and always staying connected to your purpose, values, and your ‘why’.

In the conversation, Anne Fulton shares her career journey – from doing newspaper runs at just 14 years old, to being a career guidance counselor, to now being CEO of Fuel50, an AI skills-based Talent Marketplace. Anne explains why she made it her mission to find a better solution for people to find their talents and connect employees to their future.

I want everyone to be connected to a future and to have a great career experience thanks to what we [Fuel50] do. That’s our deep mission. 

Tune in below to learn more about Anne Fulton’s career journey, the conception of Fuel50, and how she brought her passion to life.


PodSaas aims to humanize the Saas space and put a face to what has traditionally just been a product-driven market. They cover founder stories around idea, execution, fundraising, and scaling as well as dive into the personal implications of being an entrepreneur.

Listen to the PodSaas Podcast here.


Fuel50 is the AI skills-based Talent Marketplace solution that smart-matches your people to coaches, learning, vacancies, gigs, projects, and career journeys. Harness next-gen workforce data, power internal talent mobility, drive workforce agility, and future-proof your organization.

Learn more at fuel50.com


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