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Q1 2022: Human-Machine Teaming

Fuel50 Capability Trends Report – Released March 2022

Understand how smart and connected machines, as well as advances in technology, are affecting organizations, and how we can navigate these changes.

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    Our Capability Trends Mission

    This Fuel50 Capability Trends Report™ brings you the latest capability trends from across the globe. We encourage you to reflect on their relevance to your organization and hope that they inspire a vision for positive change within your people strategy and capability requirements.

    Our dedicated team of Organizational Psychologists and HR Professionals is world-leading in capability design and research. Together, we have developed our own ‘Fuel50 Talent Ontology™’ to reflect the capabilities showcased in this report and many more. These capabilities are now available for use by all our clients.

    For more information on any of the trending capabilities or to discuss how you could increase your organization’s bench strength in these areas, please contact us.