Fuel50’s CareerDrive™ delivers a compelling career proposition to all your employees, gives your leaders the insight to engage and motivate their team, and empowers your employees to have a visible career pathway with you.

“Fuelling workforce agility through career pathing.”


Our awards

With rapid expansion in the USA and all around the world, it’s no wonder Fuel50 is being recognised as becoming the benchmark career development and engagement tool in the market.


Who is Career Engagement Group?

Career Engagement Group offers next-gen career path software and services that enable forward-thinking companies to deploy career development, career enablement, and career agility initiatives to attract and retain top talent while boosting engagement and productivity.

What people are saying about us

There is now clarity around where our key talent sits relative to where we are going and what our future needs are, while our people have a clear line-of-sight to their path forward in a transparent and motivating manner. This enhanced sense of purpose and understanding of what the organisation is expecting of people in its key roles has been invigorating with retention of key talent being a primary goal. Whilst it is a journey and we have only really just begun, the value it has added to participants, their leaders, and level of comfort for the Executive and Board of our talent identification and management over this short period has been tremendous.

Greg Shepherd, CEO Fisher & Paykel

The Fuel50 CareerDrive, with the focus on supporting our leaders to have more meaningful career conversations, has helped us to achieve extraordinary results through our people — both with employee engagement and hardcore commercial outcomes.

CEO Z Energy

The purpose and values program we designed with Fuel50 for our employees was regarded as one of the best programs to date. Leaders organization-wide felt that the manager conversations this program sparked were like gold dust to the business.

Group OD Manager Food and Beverage Sector

There is a ton of stuff they provide and can deliver. Fuel50 is an OD departments wet dream in one easy to use software solution. The folks who are running Fuel50 love and live this stuff, and they’re willing to share!

Fuel50 is smart tool to facilitate career coaching conversations. It fits well into our talent process as a first step to assist participants to gain clarity on their priorities and enables effective career planning.

Group OD Manager Finance Sector

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