What is Fuel50?

Fuel50 is interactive cloud-based career path software designed by Career Engagement Group that delivers a clear career path for all your people and improved engagement at work. Fuel50 enables employees to drive their careers — at whatever stage their career might be.

Fuel50 by Career Engagement Group

Our awards

With rapid expansion in the USA and all around the world, it’s no wonder Fuel50 is being recognised as becoming the benchmark career development and engagement tool in the market.

Fuel50 accolades and awards

What people are saying about us

The purpose and values program we designed with Fuel50 for our employees was regarded as one of the best programs to date. Leaders organization-wide felt that the manager conversations this program sparked were like gold dust to the business.

Group OD Manager Food and Beverage Sector

There is a ton of stuff they provide and can deliver. Fuel50 is an OD departments wet dream in one easy to use software solution. The folks who are running Fuel50 love and live this stuff, and they’re willing to share!

Fuel50 is smart tool to facilitate career coaching conversations. It fits well into our talent process as a first step to assist participants to gain clarity on their priorities and enables effective career planning.

Group OD Manager Finance Sector

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