internal career mobility

The new importance of internal career mobility

Internal career mobility – we know the benefits, but why is it so difficult to do well?

Anne Fulton, author of the best selling book, “The Career Engagement Game: Shaping Careers for an Agile Workforce” and CEO of Fuel50 joined Johnny Campbell of Social Talent for this episode of The Shortlist. Internal career mobility isn’t a new concept but seems to have a heightened interest in the last 6 months. They draw on Anne’s expertise to unpack what it is, what it means for organizations and understand why it’s such a hot topic now.

Together they share their thoughts on current trending news articles and research, which sees them dive into the topics of reskilling, diversity and inclusion, succession planning, retention predictors, rapid redeployment and more.

Enjoy watching this important discussion with plenty of real-life examples weaved in.

You can also watch a replay of the LinkedIn Live here.

If you’re growing your talent and giving them opportunities then you’re going to attract other people to your team in the future.

Some key takeaways:
  • HR/managers need great people intelligence to inform their talent decisions. It’s important that the AI and data is transparent, above reproach and used to support the organizations purpose and values around diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Make sure people are challenged at work, people leave unchallenging work.
  • It makes business sense to look at internal talent first when recruiting. Cost of recruitment goes down and you’ll see a faster time to productivity as the employee already knows the organization and systems.
  • Never make assumptions about someone’s skill set and who can do what for the organization. Talents might lie in unexpected places.
  • A great way to create opportunities for ALL can be through project work.
  • Don’t hoard talent or try to control peoples careers, have confidence to facilitate career growth and help your team prepare for their next opportunity, there are many reasons not to be afraid of people leaving your team.
The Shortlist

The Shortlist is a series of conversations between Johnny Campbell of Social Talent and influential members of the recruitment and TA industry. Each week, they discuss current news stories and their impact on the industry as a whole. Broadcast live on YouTube and LinkedIn every Wednesday afternoon European time and available as a podcast format.

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