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Unlocking HR Tech Insights with IDC Analyst Zachary Chertok

Episode 5 with Zachary Chertok

About This Session

Recorded live at the HR Tech Conference from the Fuel50 booth in Las Vegas, Chad & Cheese connected with Zachary Chertok, Market and Industry Analyst at IDC to dive into the realm of HR tech and employee experience. Chertok has a strong professional background in the Human Capital Management (HCM) space, and addresses shifts in workforce management due to the pandemic, the ever-evolving tech stack, data centralization, and the overall challenges faced by HR professionals. Chertok also highlighted the importance of aligning HR strategies with business goals and the complexities of HR navigating between advocating for employees and organizational constraints.

Organisations want better adaptability and manoeuvrability, and skills does. It a decouples the employee's sense of value from their role, to how they actually contribute, so that there's opportunities for growth personalization.

Zachary Chertok

Zachary Chertok

Market and Industry Analyst