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CarTrawler is the leading global B2B provider of car rental and mobility solutions to the travel industry. Recognized for its innovative technology solutions, CarTrawler is the partner of choice for the world’s leading travel brands, enabling them to offer car rental, airport transfer and ride-hailing services to their customers.

Founded in 2004 in Dublin, Ireland, CarTrawler’s proprietary technology platform connects customers to more car rental options than anyone else in the world. Their team of in-house experts designs, builds and powers tailored software solutions which are easily integrated into partner’s websites and intuitive to use. Developed over 18 years, CarTrawler’s innovative, bespoke and data-led solutions have proven conversion rates and measurable returns.

CarTrawler’s global network connects more than 50,000 car rental locations worldwide, working with the biggest industry players including United Airlines, American Express Travel, easyJet, Uber, and Emirates.

Business Challenge

CarTrawler is passionate about making their employees feel healthy, empowered, and fulfilled at work. They are strong believers in the link between personal well-being and happiness in the workplace, and continually seek employee feedback to ensure they are catering to the needs and wants of their people.

The team at CarTrawler noticed a common theme in their feedback surveys over the last few years – employees were craving career growth and development, but they lacked visibility into where those opportunities were and how they could access them. Marie Power, Director of Talent at CarTrawler, knew a complete transformation of their talent experience was critical to keep employees engaged, motivated, and empowered to grow within the organization.

Marie’s vision for the organization’s reformed talent experience was to ensure that each employee – no matter their role, tenure, or experience – had the opportunity to learn, thrive, and grow throughout their time at CarTrawler. She was looking for a platform that would provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all things career development to truly give employees the power to drive their own learning and growth.

“We want anyone who joins CarTrawler to really feel like they've had the opportunity to thrive, to flourish, and to grow during their journey with us.” – Marie Power, Director of Talent, CarTrawler

The focus was to create transparency and visibility into internal career paths and growth opportunities, enabling employees to see a future within the organization and create meaningful development plans for achieving their goals and ambitions.

"We want to work with people to ensure that they can put in place bespoke, meaningful, and robust development plans that speak to them and resonate with them."

Marie Power – Director of Talent, CarTrawler
Marie Power, Director of Talent
Marie Power – Director of Talent, CarTrawler
Marie Power, Director of Talent
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The team at CarTrawler were eager to find a platform that offered a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution to transforming the talent experience. Once Marie and Oisín Dillon, Employee Experience Specialist at CarTrawler, came across Fuel50, they felt like their prayers had been answered.

“This [Fuel50] is actually the answer to our prayers in terms of the career development and coaching piece for our people managers. We're equipping them with all the tools they need.– Marie Power, Director of Talent, CarTrawler

Marie and Oisín were amazed at the array of functionalities available within the platform, from the Personalization and Career Journeys features to the Workforce Architecture, Analytics, and Talent Ontology capabilities. They quickly realized Fuel50 offered everything CarTrawler needed and more, and they were excited to share the platform with the wider business.

With any organizational transformation, having leadership buy-in is pivotal for success. The team at CarTrawler wanted to ensure the change management process throughout their Fuel50 implementation was seamless. Their extended leadership team and key stakeholders were involved right from the get-go, with regular meetings on updates, ongoing progress, and sneak peeks of the platform and its functionalities.

CarTrawler were incredibly excited to transform their career framework into an automated, modernized, and future-proofed workforce architecture. The open collaboration with their leadership team and the continuous support from Fuel50 enabled them to create a nuanced and robust skills ontology that is truly reflective of the business and provides relevant up-to-date information on skills across the organization – a crucial first step towards becoming a skills-based organization.

Prior to launch day, there was already a bubble of excitement from leaders and managers who were eager to finally utilize the platform. CarTrawler also hosted a company-wide career day to help build enthusiasm and appetite around opportunities for internal mobility, career development, and progression.

"What I loved was that Fuel50 partnered with us throughout to make it work, so what we ended up with was this beautiful, slick platform that our people love, and our leadership team had bought into and were a part of."

Marie Power – Director of Talent, CarTrawler
Marie Power, Director of Talent



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Fuel50 has helped break down the barriers to career development that previously existed within CarTrawler. The organization is now able to offer ample opportunities for growth and development and can facilitate internal mobility across the business.

The data and analytics within Fuel50 have had a significant impact on the efficiency and relevancy of CarTrawler’s learning and development programs. With a new, clear understanding of critical skills gaps, they are now able to make better informed decisions as to how to prioritize their learning, reskilling, and upskilling initiatives.

“We are a data-focused business. and to be able to present what the team is crying out for and what they are interested in learning about is very powerful, and it solves the problems that they [managers] might have known were issues within the department.” – Oisín Dillon, Employee Experience Specialist

Managers at CarTrawler now have a valuable lens into the skills, capabilities, goals, and values of their teams, which is unlocking visibility and insight into what employees enjoy at work, what skills they want to learn, and what career growth really means to them. Having this level of insight enables managers to better support their employees and build more motivated and engaged teams.

“Managers get a different lens on what people across the department and function want to learn about... It's not just about solving for the individual, but also solving for the whole team.– Oisín Dillon, Employee Experience Specialist, CarTrawler

Employees now have clear visibility into growth opportunities and potential career paths, opening an array of possibilities for them to progress within the company. One employee who started off as a customer advisor realized her ambitions lay in another function of the business. Through the Fuel50 platform, she saw an open vacancy for the CRM and Campaign Executive role and knew she wanted to apply. The platform enabled her to see the competency breakdown of the role, which of her skills matched the role, and which skills she needed to develop further. Once having taken the necessary steps to develop, she secured the role and successfully transitioned into that other function within the business.

Inspiring and powerful stories, like this one, of employees taking charge of their careers have given the team at CarTrawler a tangible sense of pride and accomplishment. CarTrawler are on a very exciting journey towards becoming a skills-based organization. We can’t wait to see this partnership between CarTrawler and Fuel50 continue to positively impact the success of their people, their leaders, and the business overall.

"There was a real appreciation for what the functionality of Fuel50 could actually do. There's a maturity to the system and there were a lot of things like the integration, user-friendliness, and gamification of reflect exercises that our leadership team were like ‘wow, I like this, this is slick’ right from day dot."

Marie Power, Director of Talent

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