Inspirathon Mark McCormack

Fuel50’s Mark McCormack on Talent Optimization at Workplace Inspirathon 2022

Fuel50’s Mark McCormack RVP Enterprise Sales, was honoured to be a guest speaker at the 2022 Workplace Inspirathon event hosted by Inspiring Workplaces.

A truly unique event, Inspirathon is a free 24-hour non-stop virtual event spanning the globe – with 70+ short presentations moving from Auckland to New York (local time) with speakers in each time zone sharing advice, wisdom, and knowledge relevant to the challenges being faced in their region.

Over the course of his presentation, Mark dives into why organizational resilience and workforce optimization are now strategic imperatives, and how talents and skills will be the differentiator of our new post-pandemic recession era. He explains that the world of work is being defined by talent shortages and that those organizations who wish to overcome the global HR challenges we are seeing today need to understand their workforce better and tap into the fast-growing talent marketplace.

Talent Marketplaces today are connecting people with opportunities for growth and learning, for a lattice type career experience in their business.

Tune in below to hear Mark’s presentation in full.


The Workplace Inspiration is a free 24-hour non-stop virtual event designed to give you the confidence, tools and options to make 2021 the year you create a truly inspiring workplace.

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