Paul Corke at FuelX

The Benefits of Using Fuel50 in Your Organization by Paul Corke

The penultimate episode in this FuelX Learning Series™ features Paul Corke — Leadership Development Manager in the banking sector.

Paul Corke discusses the state of play at MBNA prior to their sale.

Over just a few years, the company went from 5,500 people down to 2,000. So naturally, those people left behind grew increasingly worried about the future of their own jobs.

Nobody knew what was going to happen with the organization. And so, we were all worried about whether we were going to have a job.

However, out of these dark days arose an opportunity to transform leadership development and employee engagement at MBNA. Employee engagement was particularly crucial at such a time — when the business was in maintenance mode and balance transfers switched off.

Paul Corke at FuelX

As a result, a solution was created called “The Explore Employee Engagement Experience“.

It involved providing a series of solutions for leaders, through a variety of tools, that were easily accessible and could be tapped into for their own development. For instance, MBNA brought in external speakers, used psychometric tools and also used experiential learning.

The aim was to spark powerful career conversations that would help leaders to understand their people and their people’s needs.

Paul Corke at FuelX

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