Power Your Future Talent Strategy: An Analyst Panel Discussion

Mervyn Dinnen, Paul Corke, & Robin Erickson, Ph.D.

About This Session

Bringing you the power of thought-leadership and research, FuelX London 2022 featured global HR experts and talent leaders sharing their impactful talent experience stories to deliver a true celebration of best-in-class organizations who are leading the charge on internal talent mobility, workforce agility, and talent enablement.

Managers need to be rewarded for producing high-performing talent, rather than just high-performing teams. – Mervyn Dinnen

Mervyn Dinnen Headshot

Mervyn Dinnen

Analyst, Author & Podcaster
Paul Corke Headshot

Paul Corke

Analyst & Author
Paul Corke International

Robin Erickson, Ph.D.

Vice President, Human Capital
The Conference Board