Fuel50’s Powerful Skills-Based Workforce Architecture AI Supports Future-Ready Organizations, Fast

Fuel50’s Powerful Skills-Based Workforce Architecture AI Supports Future-Ready Organizations, Fast

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LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif. and LONDON, Sept. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fuel50, recognized as pioneers of the AI Talent Marketplace, continues to lead the way in supporting global organizations with their workforce future-proofing. Fuel50 has proven to deliver internal talent mobility and workforce reskilling at scale, impacting employee retention and redeployment with its personalized, employee-centric, AI-enabled Talent Marketplace platform.

Fuel50 is announcing its ground-breaking Workforce Architecture AI, a break-through in the world of traditional career frameworks and static skills taxonomies.

Already in use by progressive enterprise-grade organizations around the world, Fuel50’s Workforce Architecture AI transforms what was once an arduous, manual, resource-heavy career framework building process with an AI-enabled, validated, quick and easy to deploy, wizard-like experience to build a robust, defensible, best-in-class skills architecture instantly.

With Fuel50’s Architecture solution, clients can plug in their own existing skills taxonomy or upgrade to Fuel50’s next-gen Talent Ontology™ and infuse their own business DNA whether strategic drivers or cultural imperatives. Where typical skills taxonomies and data libraries consist of outdated, messy or irrelevant content, Fuel50’s Talent Ontology goes beyond the traditional cluster of job titles and descriptions. Fuel50’s Talent Ontology is a ‘4-dimensional galaxy’ of skills, talents, capabilities, competencies, and technologies – all interconnected and mapped to your roles by families and functions – with real-time updates so you know your organization is truly future-proofed.

Fuel50’s Powerful Skills-Based Workforce Architecture AI Supports Future-Ready Organizations, Fast

Nick Holmes, Global Head of Professional Development at Fishawack Health, says “If you want to create a leadership bench or talent pipeline in every department division, HR and talent teams can really get their arms around Fuel50 and utilize AI data to future-proof the succession in critical roles across the business.”

Using Fuel50’s Talent Ontology and Workforce Architecture AI, organizations can also embed their cultural DNA. At a time where cultural responsiveness is so strongly related to employee retention and bottom-line performance, now you can ensure the essence of your organization’s culture can live and breathe within your framework.

HR spending months endlessly maintaining and constantly reviewing job profiles and career frameworks is also a thing of the past. Powered by Fuel50’s intelligent AI, the average time for an organization to deploy a complete, autonomous architecture is now just 22 business days from start to finish.

A judge spokesperson at American Business Awards also referenced “Fuel50 leverages best-in-class career frameworks to fast-track the re-build of an organization’s Career Architecture. This eliminates the manual, difficult, and never-ending process of creating and maintaining job profiles which is ever-changing with a growing workforce.”

With workforce reskilling at the core of so many important conversations, having a quality skills-based workforce architecture that can be deployed quickly and easily, whilst staying agile as the organization evolves, benefits both the employer and employee.

Founder, Author and CEO of Fuel50, Anne Fulton, says “Through our work with some of the world’s most dynamic organizations, we know that attempting to solve today’s challenges with yesterday’s solutions makes little sense. Best-in-class organizations attempting to drive a culture of expertise and high-performance, whilst ensuring their people are fully enabled and aligned, is the competitive differentiator in today’s hotly contested talent market.”

“We at Fuel50 set out to develop a uniquely powerful architecture solution that was at the heart of and integral to our leading Talent Marketplace platform. In turn, this fuels a richer talent experience that promotes reskilling and workforce planning in a way that is truly disrupting the entire Talent category.”

Fuel50’s Workforce Architecture AI has supported an average of 20 validated skills per employee, with clients such as SoftwareOne reporting over 15,000 validated skills over just a 3-month period and Johnson & Johnson with over 27,000 validated skills in the short time since they deployed Fuel50, supporting best in class organizations with their reskilling for the future imperatives.

Brigin Walsh, Strategic People Change at Allied Irish Banks (AIB), says “Fuel50 brought our internal jobs landscape to life, showing employees who they are matters. They need to be at their best at work and this starts with knowing themselves, and from there tapping into our career framework – embracing being empowered to take their careers in varied and exciting directions! [Fuel50] helps with talent retention, attraction, SWP, knowing our bench-strength on a capability front, L&D planning and solution design, [and] employee engagement.”

To learn more and book a demo of Fuel50’s Workforce Architecture AI and Talent Ontology solutions, visit fuel50.com/platform/skills-architecture.


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Fuel50 is the AI Talent Marketplace solution that smart-matches your people to coaches, learning, vacancies, gigs, projects, and career journeys. Harness next-gen workforce data, power internal talent mobility, drive workforce agility, and future-proof your organization.

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