Why Internal Talent Mobility Needs to be Top of Mind

Jason Averbook, Jim Holincheck & Anne Fulton

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A Best Practice Guide to Internal Talent Mobility

Internal talent mobility is essential in this new era of work and a talent marketplace enables this talent operating model in a sustainable and scalable way. In this playbook, we explore why organizations need to invest in an internal talent marketplace.

About This Session

Developing an internal talent mobility strategy and investing in your internal talent marketplace can lead to significant workforce gains. Join Fuel50 and Leapgen as we discuss our internal talent mobility playbook and the future of your workforce.

We are truly delivering a talent marketplace that allows everyone to be at their best at work – for everyone to have access to opportunities and to be connected to futures and skills and learning and projects and stretch assignments and more.

Anne Fulton

Anne Fulton

Career Futurist, Founder & CEO