Game-Changing Tips for a Future-Ready Workforce

University of California Irvine x Fuel50

About This Session

How are organizations preparing for the future? Hear from four talent experts from UC Irvine as they share their experience, insights, and tips on building a future-ready workforce with Fuel50. Dive into their unique perspectives and advice first-hand – from what worked, what didn’t, and what strategies they recommend.

People are our most important asset, but do we really act that way? Do we really make the tools available so people can invest into themselves?

Anne Fulton

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Tom Andriola

Vice Chancellor Data & Information Technology
UC Irvine

Kian Colestock

CIO & Associate Vice Chancellor
UC Irvine

Nidia Barrios

Director, OIT Human Resources
UC Irvine

Xanat Hernandez

Director of Communications
UC Irvine