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Startup Pitches, HR Tech, and Career Progression: Taylor Weiss from PeakSpan Capital

Episode 8 with Taylor Weiss

About This Session

Recorded live at the HR Tech Conference from the Fuel50 booth in Las Vegas, Chad & Cheese sit down with Taylor Weiss, a Technology Investor at PeakSpan Capital. Taylor discusses her role, and preferences for startups, emphasizing the importance of honest, succinct pitches. The conversation explores tech founders' ages, backing the right founder, excitement for innovative solutions in HR Tech, and leveraging AI for career advancement. Taylor stresses honesty's significance in career progression, proposing early education on self-awareness. She advises startups to align with investors' ethos and highlights PeakSpan's focus on alignment with entrepreneurs.

I am excited about finding companies that are able to give folks a career that they love, and doing that in ways that hasn't been done before.

Taylor Weiss

Taylor Weiss

Technology Investor
PeakSpan Capital