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Exploring Pay Equity with Legal Expert Heather Bussing

Episode 6 with Heather Bussing

About This Session

Recorded live at the HR Tech Conference from the Fuel50 booth in Las Vegas, Chad & Cheese are joined by Heather Bussing, a legal expert in employment law. They discuss the topic of pay equity and how it impacts diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They explore how technology can help address pay equity issues and the importance of pay transparency. They also touch on the rise of unions and the impact of COVID-19 on changing perspectives in the workforce. Heather shares her insights on how employers can navigate these challenges and ensure fair compensation for their employees.

It's the power dynamics, because the employers hold the purse... and so the only way that employees can have leverage in the conversation is to join together.

Heather Bussing

Heather Bussing

Legal Expert and Employment Attorney
Bussing Law