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VC Insights: HR Tech Growth with Philip Dur of PeakSpan Capital

Episode 3 with Philip Dur

About This Session

Recorded live at the HR Tech Conference from the Fuel50 booth in Las Vegas, Chad & Cheese sit down for a candid conversation with Philip Dur, co-founder of Peakspan Capital. They discuss partnering with growth-stage companies post-product market fit, offering domain expertise and capital. Dur also highlights focus, talent, and scalability challenges for startups on our space, and they also delve into investment strategies, avoiding trendy markets, focusing on high-impact solutions, and foreseeing societal responsibility in HR tech.

We look for entrepreneurs that have a great product. They live in a relatively dense, meaning, favourable competitive environment. And what they're doing is something that matters and has impact. Those tend to be the best partners for PeakSpan.


Philip Dur

Co-Founder and Managing Partner
PeakSpan Capital