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Exploring HR’s Narrative Power with Johnson & Johnson’s Doug Shagam

Episode 2 with Doug Shagam

About This Session

Recorded live at the HR Tech Conference from the Fuel50 booth in Las Vegas, Chad & Cheese interview Doug Shagam, Head of People Data and Insights at Johnson & Johnson. Shagam shares his unconventional journey from aspiring drummer to data analytics, emphasizing the power of people analytics and storytelling in HR. He discusses integrating multiple HR platforms, democratizing data, and shaping J&J's talent acquisition. Highlighting their J&J Learn program, he explores skills inference, employee growth, and the significance of sharing the company's vision with its workforce.

There’s lots of ways to measure skills and go through content, but how do we make sure it’s good and equitable for everyone?

Doug Shagham

Doug Shagam

Head of People Data and Insights
Johnson & Johnson