Disrupting the Career Ladder with Fuel50 & IBM

Andrea Peck & Rachel Brown - IBM

About This Session

Engaging and enabling employees to engineer their own workplace destiny - despite our best efforts, career development still ranks as one of the top areas for improvement for employee engagement. Relying on a manager or following a career path dictated by salary band and job title is not "it" anymore. Organizations have to provide a framework aligned to business goals for employees to make decisions and find roles that best leverage their interests, skills, and capabilities. This webinar by Fuel50 and IBM explores how to engage and enable employees to engineer their own workplace destiny.

New world thinking is about forward-focus, it has to be about lateral growth - we call it "parallel growth" - opportunities for people. Rather than being so evaluative and retrospective and pay-focussed, individual career development is the future.

Anne Fulton

Anne Fulton

Founder & CEO