Digitization of the Employee Experience with Walmart, PepsiCo & Liberty Latin America

Walmart, PepsiCo & Liberty Latin America

About This Session

Join Fuel50 for this next webinar where we put a panel of our best-in-class customers in the spotlight — Walmart, PepsiCo, and Liberty Global. Anthony Luciano Jr (Fuel50) discusses what workforce changes they’ve seen take place in their organizations, future changes they see coming that will affect their workforce, what they’re doing to adapt to these changes, and more.

What we're seeing is the demand for technology and digital processes is faster than we can cope with! We're effectively using both internal and external tools with our employees. Whether in the learning space, internal communications, recruitment, recognition, etc - what we're seeing is the offering we can utilize externally is often better, cheaper and quicker than what we can do internally.

Dominic Boon

VP of People
Liberty Latin America