New Generative AI Edition of the Fuel50 Capability Trends Report

New Generative AI Edition of the Fuel50 Capability Trends Report

In today’s fast-evolving world of work, artificial intelligence (AI) stands as the beacon guiding us toward the next frontier. As organizations and professionals adapt to the ever-shifting demands of the workforce, Generative AI has emerged as the transformative force reshaping how we operate, connect, and thrive in this dynamic ecosystem.

As more organizations embrace the technology, understanding its advantages and implications is of critical importance.

This next frontier in AI promises to revolutionize how we discover and nurture skills and capabilities and how we harness the full potential of human capital in the age of automation and digitalization.

New Generative AI Edition of the Fuel50 Capability Trends Report

Fuel50’s research reveals pivotal skills and capabilities for individuals, leaders, and organizations to better prepare for and manage Generative AI.

In this reportdiscover the latest capability trends associated with Generative AI to ensure your talent strategy is aligned with current driving global forces: 

  • What has been happening in the world?
  • How are developments in GenAI shaping the future of work?
  • How can businesses contribute to the responsible preparation and management of GenAI and other advanced AI technologies?

The capabilities and specialist skills highlighted in this report need to be embedded into the following three levels of workforce architecture: Individual, Leadership, and Organizational. We have also included some reflection questions to help you evaluate the importance of each capability for your organization.

Enjoy reading! We look forward to sharing more research and insights with you.

Written by Fuel50’s Workforce Architecture Team
Contributors: Natalie Mabaso

Fuel50’s dedicated team of Workforce Architects and Industrial and Organizational Psychologists feed the Fuel50 Talent Ontology, train our ethical AI with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion design principles at heart, and support best-in-class organizations using Fuel50 to transform and future-proof their talent strategy and workforce architecture.


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