Companies Remaining Fit and Agile to Thrive in Modern Times

Companies Remaining Fit and Agile to Thrive in Modern Times

Fuel50 CEO & Founder Anne Fulton joined host David Turetsky on the HR Data Labs podcast for an insightful discussion on creating organizational resilience and what takes a company from a state of survival to thriving.

Together, they dive into essential strategies and mindsets organizations will need to remain fit and agile through turbulent times. Some of these include:

  • A strong focus on organizational fitness
  • Employee empowerment and listening to the employee voice
  • Developing leaders that can truly listen to their employees
  • Embracing AI with controls and protocols to ensure minimal risk

Tune in below to hear Anne Fulton’s insights and recommendations:

An organization can start to get a lens across the entire employee population of what skills are developing, what skills are emerging, and what skills gaps they have.
– Anne Fulton, Founder and CEO of Fuel50


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