Fuel50 named one of the world's Top 25 Work Tech Vendors

Fuel50 named one of the world’s Top 25 Work Tech Vendors for 2022

We are extremely proud to announce that Fuel50 is one of the world’s Top 25 Work Tech Vendors for 2022! Presented on behalf of Inspiring Workplaces and The Starr Conspiracy, the Top 25 Work Tech Vendors is a global list of the best-in-class work tech.

These awards celebrate the success of the organizations that have embraced the new world of work and excelled in delivering outstanding products to support organizations and their people. Each vendor was asked to complete a six-part submission discussing the impact on their own people, customers, purpose and more. Over a hundred vendors were then reduced to the Top 25 by independent judging.

Congratulations to the Top 25 Work Tech Vendors. At Inspiring Workplaces, we endeavour to recognise and reward the organisations that go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver an outstanding workplace experience for their people. These awards celebrate the success and diverse range of technologies that we believe can be a serious catalyst to driving positive change for an organisation and the people within it. If you need help, look no further than this Top 25!

– Matt Manners, founder of The Inspiring Workplaces Group

Fuel50 named one of the Top 25 Work Tech Vendors in 2022

The Fuel50 mission is to make sure every employee, no matter where they are in the world, loves their job. So we are incredibly honored to be recognized for our AI-driven talent marketplace that fuels internal talent mobility, workforce agility, employee engagement, talent retention, and bottom-line impact within leading organizations all over the world. View the full list here. 


Inspiring Workplaces™ was created by the merger of The Employee Engagement Alliance and The Employee Engagement Awards. They believe in recognizing and shaping the new, forward-thinking organizations of the future. By shedding the light on these innovative workplaces, they help to encourage positive change in workplaces as well as provide a source of inspiration and education for those who seek it.

To learn more visit www.inspiring-workplaces.com


The Starr Conspiracy is an experience agency for Work Tech companies. They believe that Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience are increasingly linked. They have combined two decades of expertise in Work Tech sales and marketing with their knowledge of the space to create a new type of agency that creates seamless CX across their clients’ buyer/customer journeys.

To learn more visit www.thestarrconspiracy.com


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