Talent Management Reloaded: How Skills Intelligence Can Help Future-Proof Your Workforce

Join Anne Fulton, CEO & Founder of Fuel50 at Talent Management Reloaded Berlin on Monday 27 June at 3.10pm GMT+2 for a deep dive into The New Talent Paradigm and how skills intelligence can help future-proof your workforce. Anne will also be holding a round table discussion on reskilling your people for the future at 4.50pm GMT+2.

Talent Management Reloaded Berlin is Europe’s growing knowledge-exchange platform, bringing together stakeholders from talent acquisition, talent management, recruitment, and organizational development to share the latest insights, trends, developments, and technologies to help deliver a successful talent management strategy.

Talent Management Reloaded: The New Talent Paradigm

The New Talent Paradigm session at 3.10pm GMT+2 will cover:

  • Solving the skills shortage – how skills intelligence can support workforce agility and a future-ready workforce
  • Creating an equitable talent experience – how organizations that are delivering best in class Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity results are enabling their people to achieve these results
  • The six key levers for driving Employee Retention and Engagement – solving “The Great Resignation” challenge
  • Understanding current talent and career enablement practices, and challenges
  • The benefits of Talent Mobility – how to create a culture of Career Agility in your organization

The Round Table at 4.50pm GMT+2 will include:

  • Reskilling the workforce for the future – a Biotech story of reskilling at scale
  • What are the biggest challenges in reskilling your workforce for the future?
  • What skills intelligence do you have today? What skills intelligence do you need?
  • How do you mobilize your employees on the reskilling journey?


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