Wellness in the Workplace Fuel50 Capability Trends Report

New Wellness in the Workplace Edition of the Fuel50 Capability Trends Report ™

Organizations that invest in wellness have healthy employees who are more productive and less likely to be absent. In this new edition of the Fuel50 Capability Trends Report ™, we identify 15 of the latest globally trending capabilities associated with driving a wellness culture.

To create a culture with employee wellness at its heart, you need to consider and elevate specific capabilities and skills.

Wellness in the Workplace Fuel50 Capability Trends Report

Wellness in the Workplace

Wellness has been regarded as an important consideration since the 1970s and continued to draw attention over the years. But the global pandemic has elevated it to a critical strategic priority for organizations globally.

In this report, discover the latest capability trends from across the globe.

  • Why should organizations be prioritizing wellness in the workplace?
  • What impact did the global pandemic have on workplace wellness?
  • How has the pandemic affected the way employees approach their work?
  • With the growing importance of wellness in the workplace, what are organizations doing to support and enhance it?
  • What capabilities and specialist skills do organizations need to support a wellness culture?

The capabilities and specialist skills highlighted in this report need to be embedded into the following three levels of workforce architecture: Individual, Leadership, and Organizational. We have also included some reflection questions to help you evaluate the importance of each capability for your organization.

Enjoy reading! Look forward to sharing more learning with you.

Written by Fuel50’s Workforce Architect team
Contributors: Janine Lee and Havisha Rampersad

Fuel50’s dedicated team of Workforce Architects and Industrial and Organizational Psychologists feed the Fuel50 Talent Ontology, train our ethical AI with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion design principles at heart, and support best-in-class organizations using Fuel50 to transform and future-proof their talent strategy and workforce architecture.

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