Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software is a global HR technology company headquartered in Weston Florida. They provide cloud-based human capital management solutions primarily to enterprise companies in the United States and Canada. Founded in 1990, they continue their massive growth with over 3,400 customers nearing 1 billion in revenue, listed NASDAQ stock exchange, and ranked #1 Best Workplace Technology.

Ultimate Software partnered with Fuel50 to provide employees with a better understanding of themselves and their future with the company. The Fuel50 platform provided guidance for people to realize best match roles and possible career paths, resulting in a 49% increase in employee identification of new growth areas within the organization.








Talent Mobility

Ultimate HCM was looking for a career development tool designed to support their “People First” employee experience that combined self-managing employee career development for near-term guidance and a long-term career roadmap.

Business Development Team

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