MBNA Corporation

Many businesses are reluctant to invest in people when the future for many is uncertain. The financial sector has significant regulatory requirements mandating training but what’s crucially important to understand is that outside of regulatory training, the whole ethos underpinning learning is elective. The company’s leadership team felt that learning and development were not just about ticking boxes. Because no one knew what the future of the business was, they encouraged people to think of career development as a journey, rather than a destination.

With Fuel50, this company has been able to achieve high levels of employee engagement. Every member of staff and management now very clearly understands what is required of them and what is available to them for training and development.






United Kingdom


Talent Engagement

Yes, we had that conversation. Why invest in people when we know they might not stay? But we believed that the best possible outcome for us as a business with an uncertain future was to commit to delivering a well-trained and engaged workforce.

Chief Executive Officer

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