Fuel Workforce Optimization with Fuel50’s AI Talent Marketplace

Connect your people to internal opportunities beyond the talent marketplace — unlock and empower your people through AI-powered journeys and internal talent mobility.

Give your talent a future beyond the here and now.

How does Fuel50’s AI Talent Marketplace support Workforce Optimization?

Using our state of the art AI engine, Fuel50 has taken its Talent Marketplace solution and infused a new layer of hyper-personalization. Fuel50’s Talent Marketplace matches your people to learning, gigs, mentors, vacancies, projects, and now career journeys — which takes internal talent mobility to a whole new level. Workforce agility, reimagined.

Larry McAlister

VP Global Talent, NetApp

NetApp used Fuel50 to achieve over 300,000 internal role moves

“The Fuel50 platform has literally made our dreams come true and it’s been an amazing experience. It opens the door to so much growth, more than you can imagine.”

Fishawack Health Journeys Illustrations

More than a talent marketplace, fuel your workforce’s future growth with Fuel50.

Workforce Reskilling

Future-proof your organization with self-driven reskilling and upskilling. See your unique skills gaps and access suggested learning, gigs and mentors seamlessly.

Leader Enablement

Equip your leaders with a robust talent portal complete with people insights, coaching capabilities and more. Revolutionize the way your leaders empower your people.

Infinite Career Development

Self-driven career development that grows and evolves with your people and your organization. Infinite opportunities and matching potential make for an infinitely more agile workforce.

Ethical AI Engine

Power your opportunity marketplace with ethical, zero-bias AI which matches your people to learning, projects, vacancies, mentors, gigs and career journeys.

Organization Transparency

Know where your talent is, what talent you have, build talent pipelines, see retention risks and get the insights you need to make important workforce decisions.

Personalized Experience

Identify your talents, skills, values, agility and fit to hyper-personalize your marketplace experience, connecting your unique DNA with your organization’s.

Bring talent mobility and workforce agility to life

We’re democratizing talent, for good. Fuel50 empowers your people to own their careers by surfacing their skills and talents to match them to opportunities across your organization. HR can then harness those insights to deliver on key business outcomes and strengthen their talent pipes.

Fuel50 supports your organization with:

  • Internal talent mobility
  • Reskilling and upskilling
  • Talent retention and engagement
  • Workforce insights and data
  • AI Talent Architectures

Future-proof your talent and your entire workforce with Fuel50.

people floating fuel50 illustration

Dorothy Arturi

Chief People Officer, Q4

Q4 used Fuel50 to solve career transparency and internal talent mobility

“Fuel50 is not just a solution for career pathing, it inspired us to really rethink our entire employee experience at Q4.”

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