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Go beyond linear skills taxonomies with Fuel50’s Talent Ontology™

Our ontology takes skills taxonomies and job datasets to a new level. We bring to life the entire role with interconnected skills, talents, tools and technologies for the future workforce that are always up-to-date.

What is Fuel50’s
Talent Ontology™?

Fuel50’s Talent Ontology™ is a complete capability library that continuously updates in response to the changes we are observing in the world of work. Fueled by the latest digital market data, it is maintained and kept up-to-date by our all-star team of I/O Psychologists and Workforce Architects and is checked regularly against DEI protocols.

It includes generic job descriptions and job responsibilities aligned to 1000+ common job titles and content covering 45+ functional areas across a broad spectrum of industries. As Fuel50’s Talent Ontology™ responds to both market trends and client needs, its breadth and depth continually grows.

Architecture building blocks Fuel50 illustration

Fuel50’s Talent Ontology™ supports these industries and more


Audit & Compliance

Banking & Financial Services


Compensation & Benefits

Corporate Affairs

Corporate Communications

Corporate Sustainability

Customer Services




Digital Transformation

Finance and Accounting



Health and Safety

Hospitality and Tourism

Human Resources

Information Technology


Legal Marketing



Office Management

Policy / Programme

Project Management

Quality Management

Research and Development

Retail Sales


Supply Chain Management

Talent Ontology vs Skills Taxonomy

What’s the difference?

Talent Ontology

Talent ontologies provides 3D groupings of attributes that can define relationships between skills, roles, proficiency levels, and tools and technologies. They are much more than a competency framework model, which aligns skills to jobs and past experiences, and a skills taxonomy model, which only provides a list of titles and skills.

Skills Taxonomy

Traditional skills taxonomies are linear lists with simple hierarchies, i.e., titles and skills only. These can lead to messy frameworks with outdated and overlapping titles and skills. They are prone to becoming duplicative and there is no DEI consideration.

Drive your zero-bias AI Architecture and Talent Marketplace with Fuel50’s Talent Ontology™

  • Unique proficiency level descriptions with 4 levels for each capability and specialist skill
  • Unique development actions for each capability and specialist skill
  • Normalized from over 150,000+ skills and consolidated into simplified capabilities, skills, tools, and technologies spanning 12+ industries and 45+ functional areas
  • Includes thousands of specialist skills, capabilities, tools & technologies
  • Includes capability clusters such as Agile, D&I, and Post-Pandemic
  • Includes a top 100 Hot Skills list
  • Language packages available
  • Deeply embedded DEI layers and continual ethical reviews

Research-based content

Up-to-date and relevant

Ethically designed

Easy to understand

Fuel50’s Skills Galaxy shows the powerful interconnections between skills.

These sophisticated skills constellations dynamically emerge based on how skills group together during our design process. Patterns and relationships continue to form and evolve as these interconnections grow and grow, shaping into an ever-evolving skills galaxy.

Representation of Fuel50's Skills Ontology Galaxy. Lots of dots interconnected and clustered in groups, indicative of skills clusters within Fuel50.

Fuel50’s Talent Ontology™

Capability Clusters

As the world of work changes, organizations are increasingly trying to drive new ways of working, behaviors, culture, and outcomes. To support this, Fuel50’s Talent Ontology™ contains an array of capability clusters that our clients can choose to implement and amplify.

Post-Covid Capabilities

Organizational Agility

Customer Centricity

Cyber Security

Working Differently

Diversity & Inclusion

Human-Machine Teaming

Corporate Sustainability

Digital Transformation


Fuel50’s commitment to ethical AI

Powerful skills and role inferencing rely on AI’s ability to know you and make suggestions relevant to you. Fuel50’s AI is overseen and led by our team of I/O Psychologists and Workforce Architects and is reviewed annually by leading DEI experts to ensure that all data is relevant, ethical, and carries zero bias.

  • Incorporating critical DEI capabilities in all Executive and Manager Level roles, supporting a shift of mindset from the top down
  • Amplifying behavioral standards around DEI and holding leaders accountable for driving positive change
  • Highlighting unconscious bias throughout the organization
  • Ensuring DEI practices are present in recruitment, performance management, and leadership development
Accessibilty Fuel50 illustration

How Fuel50 measures up against others

Fuel50’s Talent Ontology™

  • Goes beyond flat, linear skills taxonomies

  • Consists of 2000+ unique skills and capabilities

  • Identifies 2500+ tools and technologies used in the working world

  • Covers 45+ functional areas (i.e., Engineering, Sales, IT)

  • Language packages available

  • Incorporates Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) layers to ensure zero-bias

  • Fuelled by the latest digital market data, maintained and kept up-to-date by our dedicated team of I/O Psychologists and Workforce Architects

  • Trending skills from Fuel50’s Talent Ontology™ are highlighted in an up-to-date “Hot Skills List”

  • All skills and capabilities can be fully customized/personalized

  • Fuel50’s Talent Ontology™, and current market data and trends, are used to build Fuel50’s Talent Blueprints™ (i.e., data used is never out of date)

  • Fuel50’s Hybrid Intelligence ensures quality role outputs

  • Clients can easily review and add additional skills from Fuel50’s Talent Ontology™ to their role profiles using Role Review

Other Skills Libraries

  • • Limited Capabilities frameworks

  • • Most Capability Libraries have under 350 skills/competencies

  • • Not all platforms have a tool like Role Editor

  • • Limited Functions available

  • • Not all frameworks are available in multiple languages

  • • Limited mention of how bias is managed across Competency Libraries

  • • Limited Human Intelligence applied to processes and AI solutions

  • • None have “Trending Libraries”

  • • Not all providers offer competency customization

Build your inclusive working culture with Fuel50’s Talent Ontology™

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