Support Scalable People Agility with Fuel50’s AI Talent Marketplace

Understand and connect your workforce like never before. Surface skills, talents and people data while giving your employees the tools they need to build their career DNA with you and start their career growth journey.

Fuel50 puts your employees at the heart of the career experience.

How does Fuel50’s Talent Marketplace support People Agility and Growth?

Fuel50’s specialized AI has been designed for the workforce of the future. Underneath the Talent Marketplace or Opportunity Marketplace sits a powerful talent experience wherein people can build their career DNA, align their talents and skills to their organization, and begin their career growth journey.

Fuel50’s Growth Edition includes the hyper-personalization tools — Talents, Skills, Values, Agility & Fit — as well as matching to learning modules, 360 feedback and goal-setting. Leaders can access a powerful coaching portal to tap into their talent insights, while HR can surface powerful workforce data to support future business strategy.

Shreya Nidadavolu

Career & Team Growth Specialist, Indeed

Indeed used Fuel50 to fuel their career development and leader enablement initiatives

“Indeed’s efforts were aimed to equip employees with tools and resources, such as the Fuel50 [personalization] exercises, which enabled them to have meaningful career conversations with their managers.”

Fuel50 helps people identify their talents and skills, and supports their growth with career development actions, feedback, and learning.

Personalization Tools

Personalize the talent experience with gamified FuelFactors™ — Talents, Skills, Values, Agility & Fit — all contribute to your unique career DNA which can be aligned to your organization.

Learning Matching

Fuel50 integrates with almost all ATS and LMS systems. Plug in your LMS and Fuel50’s AI smart-matches your people to unique learning experiences based on their career DNA.

360 Feedback

Take your career growth to another level by giving and receiving feedback between your peers and leaders, which can also be used to validate your talents and skills growth trajectory.

Set Career Goals

Goal-setting is important for career growth. Fuel50 helps you set goals based on your career aspirations and helps you track your milestones too. Share your journey with your leaders!

People Analytics

Leaders, Managers and HR can surface talent data to support their workforce insights and strategic business decisions. Generate reports and understand your workforce.

Develop Leaders

Leader development is crucial to your workforce efficiency. Fuel50’s gives leaders all the tools, insights and resources they need to become world-class coaches and mentors.

Connect your workforce and evolve your talent

Fuel50’s Growth Marketplace supports your organization’s strategic talent and workforce needs. Powered by Fuel50’s ethically-enhanced AI, organizations deploying Fuel50 can:

  • Surface talent insights and workforce data
  • Improve talent retention and attraction
  • Enhance their employer brand
  • Support and align employees to their organization
  • Enable leaders and managers to support their teams

Grow your workforce with Fuel50.

Career Development Fuel50 illustration

Julie Fitzgerald

Organizational Learning Manager, Z Energy

Z Energy saw +30% increase in employee engagement impact using Fuel50

“Fuel50 puts career development into the hands of the individual and provides managers and coaches with tools and frameworks to help them provide great and consistent support.”

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