Fuel50 Feature Focus

Connect your people to Gigs and Projects with Fuel50

Fuel50’s Gigs functionality gives your employees access to career growth and stretch assignments. Post a gig, promote it, review and assign applicants, and follow up with Feedback to support organization-wide career development and talent-harnessing.

Give employees the opportunity to learn and grow whilst the business harnesses the internal skills and talents you already have.

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What Fuel50 Gigs includes

  • Create, manage and organize gigs (stretch assignments).
  • Gigs can be posted and promoted within the platform based on what talents and skills Project Leaders are looking for.
  • Employees can search for gigs and filter by location, business area, talents or keywords.
  • Employees can then apply for a gig which is then reviewed by the Project Leader.
  • Gigs are suggested to employees based on their skills and talents they wish to develop, supporting their career growth goals.

Real-Time Learning

Create a culture of on-the-job learning and real-time career development.

Talent Sharing

Challenge traditional talent hoarding behaviors and instead support talent banking.

Strengthen Collaboration

Build cross-functional business relationships, knowledge-sharing and collaboration whilst improving your employer brand.

How to get Fuel50’s Gigs

This feature comes with these Fuel50 packages

* Fuel50 is a tailored experience. All features are completely synergistic and can be turned on/off to suit your needs.

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