Fuel50 Feature Focus

Fuel50’s 360 Feedback supports real-time peer validated career growth

Support your people’s infinite career growth within your organization. 360 Feedback allows employees, leaders, mentors and coaches to request, receive and give feedback to each other. Support your workforce’s self-sustaining career development.

Give your people the regular feedback they need to continuously improve and advance their careers with you.

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What Fuel50 Feedback includes

  • Employees can easily request feedback from any other colleague, leader, coach or subordinate.
  • Leaders can provide unsolicited feedback to direct reports.
  • Privacy settings can be applied to any feedback given (e.g. public, private, anonymous etc).
  • Feedback is visible through an intuitive visual interface including the ability to filter and drill down into each talent to see aggregate ratings from leaders, peers, and direct reports.
  • Users can display their favorite feedback on their public profile page.
  • Weekly digest emails keep users notified of feedback requested and recent feedback received.

Peer-to-Peer Validation

Employees can see how investment in their career growth pays off in real-time.

Learning Culture

Feedback supports a continuous self-driven learning culture across the entire workforce.

Career Conversations

Supports leaders in having career growth conversations based on feedback timelines and data.

How to get Fuel50’s Feedback

This feature comes with these Fuel50 packages

* Fuel50 is a tailored experience. All features are completely synergistic and can be turned on/off to suit your needs.

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