Fuel50 Feature Focus

Surface the validated data driving your workforce with Fuel50’s Analytics

Fuel50’s Analytics gives you access to the workforce data needed to support your organizational strategy. Explore multiple levels of your HR and employee metrics with intuitive, detailed reports, all accessible through a single dashboard.

Uncover the information you need to make data-driven talent decisions.

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What Fuel50 Analytics includes

  • Gain visibility into key metrics at a glance and generate robust reports from just one dashboard
  • Filter data-points based on specific personalization data — Values, Talents, Fit, and Agility
  • Access reports from most areas of the platform, including your marketplace — Learning, Gigs, Mentors, Vacancies, Projects, and more.
  • Optimize your search criteria by category including time range, function and location, with the ability to widen your scope to screen for ex-employees within your searches.

Drive Organizational Strategy

Turn data into action. Support HR initiatives with meaningful aggregated data from across from your organization and be enabled to monitor usage trends, track employee satisfaction levels and make more tactical decisions.

Aid Performance Conversations

Equip yourself with the individual user information needed to have targeted discussions and productive career conversations to support your employee’s future potential.

Improve Workforce Management

Take the guess work out of workforce planning with rich authentic data. Unveil the true reality of your organizational standing, the top skills, capabilities, and knowledge you need to drive future change.

How to get Fuel50’s Analytics

This feature comes with these Fuel50 packages

* Fuel50 is a tailored experience. All features are completely synergistic and can be turned on/off to suit your needs.

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