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FuelMobility™: an AI-Driven Talent Marketplace

Fuel50 Introduces FuelMobility™, an AI-Driven Tool Designed to Reduce Turnover and Increase Retention Through Talent Development and Effective Succession Planning

Fuel50, creator of the world’s fastest-growing talent experience platform, today unveiled its newest tool — FuelMobility™. Designed to help businesses to empower employees to take control of their career trajectory, FuelMobility™ leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms. The proprietary program gives employers insight into which existing employees are a potential fit for open roles within their organization.

FuelMobility™ Fuel50

“Instead of hiring externally, a costly and timely process that can also negatively impact company morale, teams are able to focus on giving existing employees new opportunities and cultivating a learning culture where there are no limitations for advancement,” said Anne Fulton, co-founder and chief executive officer of Fuel50. “FuelMobility™ empowers leaders to become true talent builders, creating and nurturing a pipeline of talent that supports greater internal mobility.”

FuelMobility™ empowers leaders to become true talent builders, creating and nurturing a pipeline of talent that supports greater internal mobility.

This brand-new Fuel50 feature gives employers a new way to uncover, define and mobilize talent within their organization. Furthermore, it provides employees a way to flag interest in open roles as well as future targeted positions. Using advanced AI, FuelMobility™ deploys quickly and employees are instantly added to best-fit succession pipelines when they log into the Fuel50 platform. The intuitive system is fast, simple to engage with, and provides employees with personal road maps for future growth.

FuelMobility™ Fuel50
how it works:
  • Find and evaluate any employee for an existing role with powerful skills gap analysis.
  • Create and manage pipelines by adding and re-evaluating candidates.
  • Identify the best-fits for any role within the organization and discover their readiness at a glance.
  • Filter candidates by strength of fit against any role.
  • Receive notifications about retention risks and take action before it’s too late.

Current Fuel50 clients with early access to FuelMobility™ report significant increases in engagement from leaders as well as employees. In fact, IngersollRand report a 65% improvement in internal talent mobility and a marked increase from 38.7% to 55% in the internal hiring ratios, since integrating Fuel50’s technology in 2015. Read the case study!

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About Fuel50

Fuel50 is an award-winning career experience platform that mobilizes talent, delivers career path transparency, and evolves an organization’s workforce for the future. Featuring AI-driven talent and skills forecasting from the world’s fastest-growing talent experience platform, Fuel50 is the future of work.

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